A Summer Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Winter

Summer girls love the sun, the beach and all things warm. Summer girls also hate the cold. Like really hate the cold.

But for all the summer girls who are suffering this winter, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you stay warm and cozy until the warm weather returns.

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$6.99 Press On Nails vs. 7 Hour Wedding

My cousin’s wedding was in an hour, my bank account was running low, and my nails looked absolutely terrible. Claire’s, ever the lifesaving store, was having a three for three sale. You buy three items and get three for free. Initially, I was going to get earrings as my three free items, but next to the checkout line, I saw a huge display rack filled with press on nails. I took one look at my unmanicured hands and was sold.

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A Hidden Gem in DC: Video

This past weekend, I visited Femme Fatale DC‘s Pop Up Shop, which featured products from over 50 women owned businesses. The entire set up which doubled as an art lounge, bar and community space was filled with so many interesting people, products, and art.  The experience was so amazing that I had to share.

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Day Trip to the Daily Show

It was eleven p.m. when my friend called me and asked what she should do with her Daily Show tickets. It was only thirty minutes later that we purchased bus tickets to New York and were calling up people to see if they could come with. A week later on August 3, we woke up at 4 a.m. to catch a bus to New York to see Trevor Noah live.

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Hello From The World of Coke!

The great thing about downtown Atlanta is that there is a plethora of activities and restaurants, and one of the greatest activities is the World of Coke. We walked to the World of Coca Cola from Hudson Grille, which took us through Centennial Park.

While the museum provided tons of information about the origins of Coca Cola and how it became such a well known drink, the best part was getting to see all the Coke paraphernalia. Seeing all the old advertisements, clothes, and vending machines was amazing. It was also cool because you got see how everything has changed over the years.

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