Atlanta Fun: Topgolf & High Museum of Art

I hold the golf club clumsily in my hands, trying to line it up with the golf ball. I take a deep breath then swing. I miss. On my second attempt, I barely make contact with the ball, and it rolls off of the roof pathetically. My sister cheers.

My week in Atlanta has clearly taught me that my golf skills need work.
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Ice Skating at Georgetown

I’m bundled in at least five layers of clothing, two pairs of socks, and a pair of knit gloves, yet I’m still shivering as I lace up my skates. Once my feet are secure in the skates, I wobble precariously to the rink. Each step is taken cautiously with my friends wobbling alongside me. Ahead of us, a man face plants. Continue reading “Ice Skating at Georgetown”

Happy Halloween from the Field of Screams!

It’s Halloweekend, and I’m standing in a long line with my friends, each of us huddled closely together to stay warm. Occasionally, the excited murmuring of the people around us is halted by the sounds of screams echoing in the distance. I’m practically buzzing with anticipation.

When we get to the front of the line, a woman dressed as a zombie checks our tickets, smiles, then says, “Welcome to the Field of Screams.”
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I Want To Go To Cuba

Whenever I tell someone that I want to go Cuba, I’m usually met with incredulous stares followed by a disbelieving “really?” For most people that I talk to, Cuba is associated with some sort of militant state where Americans get kidnapped and held for ransom like in those cheesy action movies. This kind of bias isn’t too unfamiliar to me, many people gave me similar responses when I expressed an urge to go to Dubai. And just like with Dubai, my response to their “really?” is an eye roll accompanied with a “why not?”

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