The Importance of Tennis

Ever since I was little, I was always playing a sport. In elementary school, I played soccer. I would come home from practice only to have my mother set up some cones in our backyard so that I could spend an extra half hour working on my form. Eventually, I grew tired of kicking a ball around a muddy field for hours on end. I traded in my cleats for a pair of sneakers and joined my middle school basketball team. I played basketball for two years, then decided it was time to try my hand at tennis.

Initially, I hated the sport. It took up too much time, and the rules were too complicated for me to comprehend. I wanted to quit. My mother, who was sick of me constantly quitting, forced me to stick with it.

After a year of attending once-a-week tennis practices, one of my coaches told my mom that Junior Team Tennis (JTT) might be a good fit for me. My mom didn’t hesitate to sign me up.

When I arrived at my first practice, I was prepared to hate it. Instead, I fell in love.

My JTT teammates were the best people I had ever met (excluding some friends from school). The older players were quick to give advice, and the younger players were eager to learn with me. They made me excited to spend so much time on the tennis courts.


(me and my JTT team, during my freshman year of high school)

I wanted to take a moment and thank them for being such an amazing group, and for being my best friends for the past six years. I’ll miss them dearly when I move in tomorrow, but they’ll always have a place in my heart.

To whomever is reading this, I encourage you to join a team of your own, whether it’s an academic team or sports team. Trust me when I say that the friendships you’ll create will last a lifetime.


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