Bathroom Horror Stories

The hardest part about college is adjusting to the communal bahrooms. For the last eight years of my life, I’ve had my own bathroom. I could walk barefoot across the tiles, take as much time as I wanted in the shower, and actually sit (instead of squat) on the toilet seat. Now, I share a bathroom with about twelve other girls, and the experience has been traumatic at best. I feel like every day brings about a new round of bathroom horrors.

Mystery hair clumps are everywhere!

I’ve seen hair in the shower, bathroom floors, stalls, sinks, and even resting on top of the trash can. I can promise you that there’s nothing as traumatic as taking a shower and seeing a few strands of hair sitting on the curtain. Who’s hair is it? How long has it been there? Why hasn’t it been cleaned?

One girl never wears shoes!

Ma’am, I have seen all types of nonsense on this floor. Some of the things on this floor cannot be identified. That being said, I don’t think it’s okay for you to walk around the bathroom barefoot. What if you step in the mystery hair clump? What if toilet paper gets stuck on your foot? For the love of God, put some shoes on.

Sometimes you encounter guys while in your towel!

It’s midnight on a Wednesday. I’m just a girl trying to bathe before bedtime. It’s a little nerve wracking to come out a bathroom in a towel and see a group of guys chilling down the hall. Actyually, it’s terrifying. I don’t like it. Please go away.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by having my own bathroom. Maybe if I shared a bathroom, I wouldn’t be so terrified by the communal bathrooms… Who am I kidding? The bathrooms are sketchy and everyone knows it.


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