All You Can Eat Buffet

Today, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves for dinner at our campus’s all you can eat buffet. The experience was life changing.

Getting into the buffet was the hardest part of our night. The line was so long that it wrapped around the outside of the building. After waiting for ages, we finally got to the front of the line. We swiped our meal cards then eagerly stepped inside.

It was pure chaos. The sounds of chatter and clinking silverware were amplified, and every table seemed to be full. We wandered aimlessly, hoping to find a table. At first, every table we saw was crowded, but eventually we managed to find ourselves a table.

After securing a table, we began to load up our plates. I eagerly scooped a helping of pasta onto my plate before adding some chicken and a Caesar salad. Impatiently, I began eating as I was walking to the table, and in about ten minutes, I cleared my plate. Once my first plate was done, I got a plate of mashed potatoes and stole some of my friend’s steak.

By the time I devoured my mashed potatoes, I felt stuffed. I couldn’t move, and everytime I burped, I tasted pasta. There was no way I could evenĀ thinkĀ about eating another bite. Then, my friend mentioned desert.

If you know me, then you know that I absolutely love desert. Everytime I’m at a restaurant, I’m begging my family to order a slice of cake or a bowl of ice cream. It’s as though my meal isn’t complete unless it ends with sugar or chocolate.

Saying all this, it should be no surprise that I eagerly lept to my feet at the mention of desert. I looked over all the desert options before settling on two slices of cake (which tasted magnificent).

When our feast ended, I was stuffed and ready for a nap. All you can eat buffets are the best dining option available, and I can’t wait to go back.


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