Don’t Trust Sketchy Ice Cream Vans

Ice cream trucks are wonderful inventions that bring nothing but joy to the world. Everytime I see an ice cream truck, I have to buy something, and today was no exception. However, considering that it was an ice cream van and not an ice cream truck, I probably should’ve reconsidered.

Today, my sister and I went to a flag football game. My mother warned us about the temperature but since it was only in the high seventies, we thought we would be fine. At first the temperature was bearable, but after a few minutes of sitting of the sun, we felt as though we might die. It was so hot that people were crowding under tiny trees just to get some shade.

As we were leaving the game, I spotted an ice cream van. Still feeling hot, my sister and I purchased two strawberry shortcake flavored Popsicles. While eating the popsicles, we noted that the flavor was a little off. The vanilla part of the ice cream looked weird, and the strawberry part didn’t taste like it usually did. Despite the off flavor, my sister and I continued eating.

On our way home, my sister kept burping. Assuming her burping would stop, neither of us worried too much about it. We got home, and my sister was still burping and my stomach had started to hurt.

Another hour or two, and both of our stomachs were cramping. My parents were concerned that we were sick, but they didn’t know what we could’ve had. Initially, we thought we were dehydrated, so we both began drinking more water. As we drank we discussed more possibilities, and my sister jokingly said, “we probably got food poisoning from that ice cream.”

At first, I laughed, but then I realized she could be right. Both of us had been feeling fine until we ate the ice cream, and we both thought our ice cream tasted off. Not to mention that our symptoms (dehydration, cramping, bloating etc.) were consistent with food poisoning. It made perfect sense; the ice cream made us sick.

Be wary of where you buy food, and remember that sketchy ice cream vans probably aren’t a safe place to buy dairy products.


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