Hershey Park Made My Weekend

Yesterday, I started my week off right – with a visit to Hershey, PA. Although, the visit was with my business class, I still managed to have a pretty good time. There’s so many fun things to do, and I definitely want to go back next summer.

To start off our trip, our professor took us to the Hershey School. The school offers a safe environment for students to live and learn throughout the year. It’s run off the money made by the Hershey Trust, and you can tell that it’s a huge source of pride for the company. The school is so well maintained and looks so amazing that it could easily pass for a college campus. And the rotunda in Founder’s Hall was breathtaking. The floors were sparkling marble, and the stairs looked like they could’ve been in a royal palace. I’m positive that my mouth was hanging open the entire time I was in the building.

Following our visit to the Hershey School, we went to the Hershey Museum. We started from upstairs where we walked through his life. The museum had a lot of interesting things to look at (I mean, it is a museum dedicated to chocolate), and a lot of interactive experiences. Seeing the old advertisements and boxes of candy was amazing. Honestly, we need to start selling 6 cent candies again.

(Hershey’s Kisses Display at The Hershey Story the Museum on Chocolate Avenue)

Following our trip to the museum, we got to go to Hershey Park. (I won’t lie, this was the best part of the trip.) My friends and I sprinted inside of the park once our bus let us out. We rode as many rides as we could in our two hour time, and I even got on two rollercoasters. If you know me, then you know that I don’t usually ride rollercoasters. But how could I go to Hershey Park and not ride a roller coaster.

On our way out, we stopped by Chocolate World. I could’ve spent hours just walking around the store. Seeing all that chocolate made me feel so happy. If I had the funds, I probably would’ve bought seven giant Hershey’s bars.

Going to Hershey Park was the best part of my weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back.


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