Becoming A Happier Person

I feel as if too much of my life is dedicated to doing things I don’t really enjoy. I spend my time doing schoolwork and studying, but then when I have free time, I don’t do things that make me happy. For instance, I usually spend an ungodly amount of time drawing or sketching, but since school has started, I haven’t touched my sketchbook once. And it isn’t because I’m too busy to draw (or read or write or do anything else); it’s because I’m spending all my free time doing things I’d rather not do. So this week, I’ve decided to add some happiness to my life and spend some time doing what I love.

Everyone who is close to me knows that I love reading and writing. I could spend an entire day holed up in my room, reading nonstop or typing out new ideas for a story. However, my books are untouched and my story ideas are uselessly floating around in my head. This week, I’ve decided to actually try and work on one of my story ideas. I already had formed a half baked plot, but I dedicated myself to writing out a more detailed version. I’m nowhere near done with the plot, but I’m much farther than I would’ve been if I didn’t set some time aside for it.

In addition to setting more time aside for writing, I’m also putting some time aside to work on my art. My sister has asked for a piece of artwork for her apartment, and I plan on doing a few warm up sketches this week. Then this weekend, I’m going to pick up a couple of canvases and some paint so that I can start on it. Just talking about drawing and painting has gotten me so excited. I’ve already planned out how I’m going to do the drawing, which has only made me more eager to actually work on it.


I know setting a couple minutes (or hours if I’m being honest) aside to work on some things I enjoy may not sound too interesting or life-changing, but it has honestly made me so much happier. I find myself looking forward to getting back to my dorm so I can work on my writing and my artwork. In addition being happier, I also feel way more creative. It’s as though by making art, I’ve opened up some part of my brain, and now, I have infinite ideas for future projects.

If life has been getting a little dull, try setting time aside for something you love. It could make a huge difference!


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