I’m Spending My Winter In Dubai!

I have always wanted to go to Dubai. The cityscape is so beautiful, and the growth the city has had in recent years has astounded me. I’ve fantasized about going to the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, spending a day at the Black Palace Beach, and exploring the sand dunes and mountain passes. Now, I can finally turn these dreams in to a reality when I go to Dubai this winter.

When I heard my school offered a trip to Dubai and Hong Kong, I knew that I had to go. I’ve always wanted to visit Dubai, and from the way the upperclassmen described the trip, they made it sound like so much fun. Immediately, I called my parents to describe the trip to them, and they were just as enthusiastic. However, once my parents looked at the estimated costs, they quickly sobered up.

The program fee was a hefty $3,060. Then once you added in airfare, money for meals and shopping, then the fee rose to about $4,000. My parents were hesitant about the cost of the trip. Yeah, it was a great opportunity that would allow me to have fun while learning, but still, it was pretty expensive.

Unwilling to give up, my mom encouraged me to apply anyways. The application process was probably the most stressful part. I had to pay a $50 fee then fill out endless forms and answer a multitude of questions. One of the forms, I had to wait to fill out because I needed my mom to give me my passport. Then I had to wait to fill out two more forms because I needed a parent signature. Once, I finally completed all my forms (which took me a solid week), I could send in the application.

I spent a few days anxiously waiting for my response. When it came, I was ecstatic. I had gotten in.

Immediately, I called my parents. They were excited to hear that I had gotten into the program, but they were still worried about the cost. Luckily, I had already looked into my scholarship options. My school offered two $500 scholarships for students in my program to study abroad. Eagerly, I applied for both of the scholarships and even a few out of school ones.

Seeing how dedicated I was to go to Dubai and Hong Kong made my parents feel way more confident with investing in me. We had a long talk, and they decided to let me go! I just paid my deposit, and I’m going to cry from happiness. I honestly cannot wait until this winter.


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