The Smallest Thanksgiving

Holidays are huge events in my families. From Valentines Day, to the Fourth of July, to Christmas, we always go all out. And Thanksgiving is no exception. But this year, our Thanksgiving lacked it’s usual bang. My sister couldn’t fly home and my dad was in the Bahamas for work, leaving me and my mom alone.

Despite the fact that Thansgiving would be a (horrendously) small event, my mom and I went through our usual rituals. We spent hours hunched over the stove as made ham, macaroni, collard greens, and slutty brownies. We dutifully laid out our cutlery and dishes and even gave a quick speech about the things we were grateful for.

As we ate, we reminisced on previous Thanksgiving dinners. We remembered how my mom used to prepare big meals for what felt like the entirety of the DMV. How we would fly down to my sister or even to my Nana’s house for some Thanksgiving. Or how we would have thanksgiving dinners with just the immediate family.

Thinking back on our huge thanksgiving dinners only made me realize just how small this year’s dinner was. I mean, there was only two of us. Still, we had a great time and we managed to keep a fun lively atmosphere. I guess it doesn’t matter how many people you’re with; it’s who you’re with that matters.


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