Two Weeks Abroad: Day Three – Dubai

For the next few days we’ll be staying at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. The hotel rooms here are so cute. They look like little apartments. Each of us has our own room (although some people got stuck with roommates), and the rooms have their own bathrooms and full kitchens. I have never been so excited to hang out in a hotel room.

Speaking of hotels, today, we visited the Burj al Arab. When we walked inside of the hotel, I thought my heart was going to stop because of how beautiful it looked. The lobby has a huge fountain shooting out jets of water and on each side there was a floor-to-ceiling fish tank filled with tons of tropical fish. Once we left the lobby, we went to the first floor where we could see the atrium. There was another fountain covered in a multitude of colors that were shooting out different water displays. When we looked up, we could see the ceilings that were painted in a gradient going from deep blue to a bright yellow.

 Our tour guide took us downstairs into the cigar lounge. From the cigar lounge we walked through a small, golden tunnel to get to the seafood restaurant. The restaurant had walls that were giant fish tanks. Our tour guide explained to us that the Burj al Arab offers couples options where you can sit by the tank and a diver can swim down and portray a message such as: Will You Marry Me? (It’s not surprising that they have a 100% success rate with marriage proposals).

Once we were done wandering around the restaurant, we went up to the sixteenth floor where she let us see the inside of one of the suites. If my heart didn’t stop earlier, it definitely stopped then. The suite was huge. It had bathrooms with elegantly designed bathrooms; even the toilets looked fancy. The downstairs had its own bar, sitting area, dining area, and kitchen complete with granite countertops. The upstairs seemed even more luxurious. It had a bedroom with two twin beds and a bathroom bigger than my hotel room. In addition, it had a master bedroom with a bed so big you would need a map to find our way in and out of it. And don’t even get me stared on the size of the powder rooms, bathrooms, and closets. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life in that hotel room.  

After the fabulous hotel tour, we returned to our hotel and sat through three speakers, who gave brief history of Dubai and some information about the local hotels. We learned that the Burj al Arab had each of the five elements (earth, wind, fire, water and gold) used in its creation, and that two thirds of the money used to build the hotel was put into creating the base. The speakers also explained how to adapt to the millennials hotels are trying to build a connection with social media. They’re offering casual service with a young, characterized staff. They also mentioned how friendly the police were in Dubai. They said that the police are known to let people take pictures in and around their car, and generally have friendly attitudes towards the people. Coming from America and the crazy amounts of police brutality, this made Dubai sound like some sort of utopia. Cops back home can learn a thing or two.

We ended our day with a dinner and a nice stroll around the area, all of us feeling excited for the next day.


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