Two Weeks Abroad: Day Ten – Hong Kong

Today felt like the most challenging day of the entire trip. The sleep deprivation from last week coupled with the jet lag made me feel absolutely horrible. Any time we weren’t moving, I was struggling to stay awake.

We started our visit by going to the Hong Kong Monetary. We got a quick tour and a detailed explanation of Hong Kong’s money throughout the ages. We learned that in 1972, Hong Kong conducted major trade with the U.S., and they pegged the Hong Kong dollar to the US dollar. Then in 1998, Hong Kong used its money to launch stock.

After learning about how Hong Kong launched its stock, we went to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The stock exchange helps a lot of Chinese companies by fundraising and providing wealth management. Hong Kong offers freedom for Chinese companies. They allow the companies to choose how they grow. Hong Kong also tries to figure out a win-win plan for China and the rest of the world since Hong Kong acts a connector between China and the world. A lot of people who can’t sell shares in China will sell the shares in Hong Kong.

After the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, we headed over to the mall to grab a bite to eat. We grabbed a quick snack at McDonald’s then headed over to a restaurant that offered Chinese food. My friend and I ordered the wonton soup. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out how to use my chopsticks, but after a few minutes, I managed to wield them like a pro.

Eventually, we headed over to Barclay’s where we received a quick talk about investment banking. Following the talk, we had a networking event. While I didn’t talk to anyone from Barclay’s, I met Michelle. She gave me and my friend amazing advice about school and internships. talking to her was the high point in my day.


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