Two Weeks Abroad: Day Eleven – Hong Kong

Today, we only have to visits lined up for us. We’re starting with a visit to the Hong Kong International Airport, and then heading to the Hong Kong Port. Then we’ll end our day with a dinner at a floating restaurant.

To get to the Hong Kong International Airport presenters, we have to go through security then get shuffled into a small backroom. During the presentation, we learned that the Hong Kong International Airport is a hub airport that opened in 1998. It’s the biggest employer in Hong Hong, and within five hours, their planes can reach half of the world’s population. However Hong Kong International Airport is facing a lot of competition from Dubai.

 When we arrive at the Hong Kong port, I am in awe at its size. Huge shipping containers are stacked one on top of the other, towering over our bus. When we get off of the bus, the containers seem even bigger. We went inside where listened to a presentation about the port.

The Hong Kong port is one of the busiest ports in the world, handling 79% of Hong Kong’s trade. The Hong Kong port is also a regional hub port. They handle the trade in three ways: as cargo at the port, as mid stream, and as river trade. Trade is an important part of Hong Kong’s economy. It is 24% of the GDP.

At the end of the day we headed over to the restaurant. Getting to the restaurant was a mission. We had to take a bus to the train to take another bus to a ferry. When we get to the floating restaurant, I’m in awe at how pretty it looks. It’s covered in lights that make it look absolutely festive during the night. The inside only gets better. It has small chandeliers hanging in two rows on the ceiling, and candles on each of the tables. The dinner was also served family style which meant pretty interesting fights over certain foods. It was the most interesting place to eat we had been to during ur stay in Hong Kong.



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