Two Weeks Abroad: Day Twelve – Macau

We got off to a late start this morning. We had to rush to the metro then rush to the ferry only to find out that we missed the eight o’clock. Disappointed, we swapped out our tickets then waited about an hour to catch the next ferry so that we could head to Macau.

When I first heard we were riding the ferry, I pictured a quaint little boat with rickety, wooden seats and a plethora of screaming infants. The actual ferry was way nicer than I imagined. It had plush seats as well as a decent amount of leg room and sitting space. It looked the interior of a nice plane… A nice plane that was experiencing a lot of turbulence. When we first started out, the boat was rocking so much that I felt like at any moment I was going to vomit. Luckily, I slept through the rest of the ride, so my motion sickness didn’t disturb me too much.

When we got to Macau, we rode a bus to Mainland China to go to Macau University. At the university, we got a presentation about Macau and its casino industry. Macau is a small country with only 30 square kilometers with a population of about 643,000. It’s centrally located in Asia, and is a hotspot for gambling especially among Chinese. It actually gains more revenue than Vegas. Because of the high demand for casinos, many western countries are interested in opening casinos there. However, at the moment, the government is not interested in allowing international companies to create casinos.

Once the presentation was over, we were allowed to see the inside of the university’s simulation casinos. We got to see the gambling stations and the machines the University had created that taught safe and smart gambling. Although, the presenter did admit that the machines weren’t too well accepted by casino owners, and were often placed in the back of the casinos. We also got to see the video feeds and saw the videos could be rewound and zoomed in on things to make sure that nobody was cheating.

Afterwards, the bus dropped us off in the middle of Macau then promptly pulled away. Once it was gone, our guide gave us one set of instructions: Get to Hard Rock Café by dinner time. After giving us our instructions, he wandered off, leaving us alone.

 Grateful for the time to explore, my friends and I split off from the group and began walking. We passed by ruins that looked like a small cathedral. After snapping a couple pictures, we found ourselves on a small, crowded street. Lining the streets were endless shops selling an assortment of things. We passed a furniture store, a souvenir store, a Nike store, and a store selling pork.

 Eventually, we found our way to an empty plaza that looked more like a scene from a European brochure. We posed by a cute looking house and fountain then continued on. As we turned onto a smaller street (after asking several policemen where the Hard Rock Café was), we encountered a woman selling waffles. Eagerly, we purchased the waffles. Those waffles were hands-down the second best waffles I’ve ever had (the first best were from a small place up in Connecticut). The waffles the vendor gave us was coated in this sauce that tasted like a mix between creamy peanut butter and heaven.

After snacking on a waffle, we found a casino where the valet workers helpfully pointed in the direction of the City of Dreams bus. The bus took us to the City of Dreams Casino where the Hard Rock Café was located. The security guards wouldn’t let us into the actual Casino, but we walked around the actual building and was amazed at the architecture.

When we went upstairs, we got distracted for a while by a game they had running on an Xbox Kinect. After spending a ridiculous amount of time playing with it, we finally got to the Hard Rock Café. We had a great meal then spent a little bit of time walking around before heading back to the ferry. On the way back, the ferry ahead of ours had tons of empty seats, and we got to ride on that one free of charge!


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