Two Weeks Abroad: Day Thirteen -DisneyLand

I love stories. I love listening, reading, and watching stories that are filled with adventure and well rounded characters. And with a company that’s dedicated to making magical stories, it’s no wonder that I’m obsessed with Disney. In fact, I’m so obsessed with Disney that I’ve made it a point to try and visit as many DisneyLand locations as possible before I die.

And now, I can visit the Hong Kong one.


In order to get to DisneyLand, we took the pink line at the metro. When the train came, I got so excited that I almost cried. The first thing I noticed was that the windows on the train were shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. Once we went inside, I realized that the entire train was Disney themed. The seats were styled like 70’s seude sofas. There were small statues of Disney characters inside of display cases. And even the little handles on the rails were shaped like Mickey Mouse. 

Once we got off the train, we saw the huge sign announcing that we were indeed at DisneyLand Hong Kong, and like a bunch of tourists, we took a whole bunch of photos.

After our quick photo-op, we were taken behind the scenes to learn more about how the theme park operates. We learned that in each section of the theme park, the employees, or as Disney calls them, the cast members, wear different costumes. The cast members are also encouraged to remember the importance of their roles. Each interaction a child has, whether it’s with a garbage collector, waitress, or princess, has the opportunity to make or break their day. When interacting with kids, the cast members are trained to not only solve any problems they might be experiencing, but to do so it well, that it’ll encourage them to come back someday. Because DisneyLand Hong Kong caters to most of Southeast Asia, the cast members must be fluent in Cantonese, Chinese, and English.

After the presentation, we got a quick tour of behind the scenes. We saw the photos from their 10th anniversary celebration, and we even got to see the room where they had all the costumes hanging up. Then they took us into the park where we saw that they had taken the time to draw a welcome sign for us on the pavement.

  In order to make sure that the water didn’t evaporate, they mix it with coffee.

Once we were allowed to roam the park, my friends and I made an immediate game plan. We mapped out the fastest route through the parking, making sure to mark down which rides we wanted to go on.

We cut through adventure land (stopping to take pictures, of course) then made our way to Grizzly Gulch. There we rode the Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. From Grizzly Gulch, we headed to Mystic Point. We rode this cute ride that took us through a tour of a “haunted house”. Then we headed to Toy Story Land (cue another photo shoot). We breezed through FantasyLand where we learned that It’s A Small World wasn’t open and finished our trip in TomorrowLand where we eagerly rode Space Mountain. 

 After, we grabbed a Mickey Mouse shaped waffle, ate dinner, then settled down to watch the parade and the fireworks. The parade was ah-mazing. The floats were covered in moving parts and decorated with intricate designs. They had floats for Ariel, Belle, and even the cast of cars. I had to sit on top of a fence to get a good view, but it was definitely worth it. Following the lights, we rushed for the closest spot to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle so that we could have a good view of the fireworks. The fireworks were absolutely mesmerizing. They had me captivated the entire time. In fact, I’m positive that my mouth was hanging open for most of the show. 

The only down side of today was that there were no Disney princesses. I spent the entire time hoping I would see Tiana or Princess Jasmine, and neither of them were there. They didn’t even have floats in the show! Still, it was a completely magical day. 



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