Everyone Can Bow Down to Beyoncé

Last Saturday, I came home from work, wearily made a bowl of cereal, turned on the TV, and began scrolling through Tumblr. After a couple of seconds, I quickly noticed that my dashboard had a ton of Beyoncé on it. While seeing endless posts about Beyoncé isn’t entirely weird, I realized that all these posts looked like they were from the same video. A video that I had never seen before (and I had seen all of her videos). Eventually, I came across a video with a caption that read: Formation.

Curious, I pressed play.

Immediately, Messy Mya’s voice begins followed by the beat and glimpses of police officers and New Orleans scenery. Then Beyoncé appears rocking natural hair and regally sitting atop of a police car thats half submerged in a flooded New Orleans street. Following this powerful imagery, American Horror Story-esque images appear featuring natural haired women, Blue Ivy and two other afro-rocking girls, a small boy dancing in front of the police, and the graffitied words “Stop Shooting Us”. The video ends with the police car and Beyoncé slowly being submerged in the flooded, New Orleans street.

Beyoncé in her Formation music video

When the video ended, my cousin and I were speechless. Neither of us knew what to say about the video, but we both knew that the imagery and the messages Beyoncé presented us were absolutely powerful.

The next night, Beyoncé came out during the Superbowl, performed Formation, and proceeded to shut it down. My cousin and I were dancing and singing the words as if we were on stage with her. After the show, I commented to my cousin off-handedly that I needed to go to the next Beyoncé concert. As soon as the words left my mouth, Beyoncé announced that she was going on tour this summer.

As soon as pre-sale tickets were up, I was buying them. Initially, I wanted floor tickets so that when Beyoncé danced I could see every bead of sweat. Then I looked at the prices for floor tickets, humbled myself, and purchased the $170 tickets for the 100 section. While I’m not on the floor, I’m still pretty close to the stage. So all-in-all it’s a win.

Beyoncé continues to do big things and continues to create buzz. Her career is filled with many successes, and she is such a wonderful icon for black women around the world. So everyone can bow down to her.


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