18 Things To Do Before 18

In honor of my half-birthday, which occurred this February, I decided to spend my last year of being underage doing a quasi bucket list. After enlisting the help of a couple friends, I created a list of 18 things that I wanted to do before I turned 18.

1.Have a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off type of adventure

I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off every weekend this previous summer. Everything from their carefree attitudes to their feelings of invincibility resonated with me. I longed to drop everything (work, school, etc.) and spend a day running around in the city with my friends

2. Create a comic

This one isn’t as interesting as the last. I’ve just always wanted to create a quirky superhero comic.

3. Finish that damn novel

Anyone who knows me will know that I have been writing the same novel for the past two years of my life. I’m always picking it up and dropping it, and I want to be able to pound it out and hold up a finished copy of it before I turn 18.

4. Go on a road trip

I love traveling to new places, and I love spending time with my friends. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to mash the two ideas together. Plus, it’s always a cool thing to be able to brag about.

5. Buy an outfit just because you love yourself

I’m always painfully aware of my bank account balance. I’m forever thinking about the price of everything I want, the price of everything I will want, and the price of everything I’ve bought in the last few months. I’ll often look at my bank account and go, “Well, maybe if you didn’t spend that $1.25 on food back in October…” I want to just go in a store, grab clothes that I love, and buy it all without worrying about the price or trying to justify the purchase.

6. Host a party with good food, good music, and good people; engage in intelligent conversation

I follow a lot of artists on Instagram, and I remember a moment where a lot of them would host parties with their friends. These parties would essentially be dinner parties where everyone would get together and discuss new ideas, politics, art, and anything else they can think of. I remember thinking that I needed to go to one of those.

7. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

Okay, so I’ve lived in the DMV for about 15 years, and I’ve never been to the Cherry Blossom Festival. This year, I am finally going!

8. Fill up a sketchbook

I’m kind of disappointed that I haven’t been able to create as much art as I wanted since starting college. Hoping to remedy that, I decided that before my birthday, I must fill up a sketchbook.

9. See Beyoncé Live

I gave myself an easy one. I purchased my tickets the day the pre-sale opened, but this was originally on my Bucket List, and I’m excited that I’m going to have the opportunity to cross it out.

10. Dye my hair a BRIGHT color

This fall, I dyed my hair purple. However, it was a dark purple, and the highlights were on the sides and back of head, so it wasn’t too noticeable. This time, I plan to dye it a bright color that’s noticeable. (Blue maybe?)

11. Go to L.A./San Francisco

I’ve been California once in sixth grade. My dad had a basketball game there, and we spent a day or two in Sacramento. I don’t remember too much about it except for a dinner we had at the Hard Rock Café. Now that I’m older, I really want to go to California and spend a little while just doing some touristy things. This would also be an amazing opportunity to visit DisneyLand, which is my absolute favorite place in the world.

12.Cook a three course meal

This one is just an excuse for me to have a fancy dinner party.

13. Acquire a slow cooker

I’m obsessed with slow cookers and slow cooker recipes. I have an abundance of them pinned on Pinterest, and I’m always telling my friends, “Well, when I finally have my own slow cooker…” Now, I’ll be able to get my beloved slow cooker and make some amazing recipes.

14. Post something once a week

Whether it’s on Instagram, Tumblr, or WordPress, I want to increase my online presence. I figured the best way to do this was to post something at least once a week.

15. Write a screenplay

So it’s no secret that I want to work in film when I grow up. I spend countless hours watching movies and reading screenplays that I find on the internet. I think that it’s time for me to try my hand at writing one.

16. Have a picnic with cute sandwiches and amazing people

I have never been on a picnic. I want to know what all the fuss is about.

17. Be a “YesMan” for a day

Spending a whole day saying “yes” to everything sounds scary and insane. Sign me up!

18. Get a tattoo

Okay, so I might have cheated a little on this one. I don’t plan on getting a tattoo until I’m actually 18, but I figured I could complete this one (and my quasi bucket list) on my 18th birthday.

Hopefully, I can complete all of these before August! Wish me luck! 🙂


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