Day One in Orlando

This weekend is the American Conference’s men’s basketball tournament. Eager to support UCONN, my mom and I just had to fly down to Orlando to watch the games.

After getting a late start, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Hilton’s breakfast buffet. Sadly, the buffet wasn’t continental but the quality of the food made up for it. Once we were full, we headed over to the colosseum. We got there a little early, so we decided to  kill some time by walking around.

 A block away from the stadium was a small restaurant called Eddie’s. The interior of the restaurant was very cozy and smelled like soul food. While I didn’t get to sample any of the food, I did get a caramel milkshake which was absolutely amazing. Around this time, my cousin met up with us and we headed over to the colosseum.

As usual, we shuffled through security, got our tickets, then found our seats. The first half of the game passed quickly with Uconn trailing behind Cincinnati. It was around this time that my sister joined us. However, the second half went much better for Connecticut and they managed to tie the game and bring it into overtime. Actually, they went into overtime a couple more times with a freshman, Jalen, knocking down a ridiculous half court shot to bring them into a fourth over time.

Thankfully, Uconn managed to pull out a tough win, allowing them to move forward to the semifinals. (And you know we had to take plenty of photos after the game)

Following the exciting game, my family went to find a nice place to eat. After asking for recommendations from the front desk, we took the hotel shuttle to a place called Citrus. Citrus had dim lighting, a nice outdoor seating area, and prices that were a little too expensive.

Frightened by the prices, we walked over to another restaurant called Two Chefs. This restaurant had a bright interior and a more family-friendly setting. Oh, it was also crowded. We were told that they were completely full and they would be unable to seat us unless we had reservations. However, despite the packed area, the hostess managed to squeeze us in.

   The menu was full of seafood dishes with a little bit of southern options. Many of the options looked amazing, and after deliberating I managed to settle on the salmon. After the meal, we split a chocolate cake as a desert. As we were eating, we struck up a conversation with a waiter. He told us that the restaurant was only open for about ten months and that he had been working in the food service industry since the 90s. Ovrrall, the experience was good. The food was delicious, and the staff was extremely friendly. The only problem was that a majority of the entrees did not come with sides, so if you wanted fries or anything else, you had to pay extra.


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