Day Two in Orlando

Today’s game was a little later in the day, giving my mom, my sister, and I an opportunity to wander around a little bit. After grabbing a quick meal, we headed over to the Millenia Mall.

Of course, we ended up spending a majority of our time in Nordstrom Rack because who doesn’t love shifting through endless amounts of decently priced clothing? We spent probably an hour just wandering around the store and trying on clothes, and I managed to find a pair of $42 Aldo shoes.

 Following our Nordstrom Rack excursion, we headed over for a quick lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. However, the wait for a table was around 50 minutes so we quickly walked over to Brio. We didn’t have too much time to enjoy a full meal, so we had to settle for appetizers. Three of us split the calamari and spinach dip, and while the spinach dip was alright, I thoroughly enjoyed the calamari.

 Satisfied with our meal (read: snack), we headed over to the Amway Center where watched Uconn pull out an amazing win against Temple. We also got to see an adorable halftime show featuring a senior citizen cheerleading team. 

By the time we made it back to the hotel, we were so tired that nobody wanted to leave the room for dinner. After asking around at the front desk, we were recommended a pizza shop, panino’s. I had the chicken alfredo and the caesar salad. While the food was simply okay, the little pieces of garlic of bread they gave us tasted like absolute heaven. 



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