Cherry Blossom Festival

Whoa! I finally finished something from my list of 18 Things To Do Before 18!

Friday, after my last class, my friends and I headed down to the Cherry Blossom Festival. We got on the train then transferred lines to get off at Smithsonian. From the Smithsonian station we walked down a block to get to the Tidal Basin where the cherry blossoms were.

Honestly, the cherry blossoms were a little underwhelming. The peak bloom occurred sometime last week, so when we got there a majority of the blossoms were a little… sad looking.

Luckily, a few of the trees were still in bloom so we managed to get a couple of good photos. We even met a nice woman and her daughter who had came to see the blossoms, and they were kind enough to take a photo for us.

Closer to the actual basin there were a bunch of colorful flowers, and it seemed like a majority of the people were congregating around there. We snapped a couple of photos then headed closer to the water where we could see the Roosevelt Memorial.



 On our way back to the metro, we stopped by the Washington Monument, to take some stereotypically tourist-y photos. Sadly, by the time we left the festival, we got caught in the rush hour crowd and had to ride back in crowded trains.



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