Why Is Job/Internship Searching So Frustrating?

First, let me apologize for my sudden disappearance from this site. School has gotten extremely intense, and with finals approaching, I’ve been dedicating most of my time to studying. And as we come closer to summer, I’ve been scrambling to search for a summer job and/or internship. However, my search has brought nothing but endless frustration.

I’ve spent countless hours beefing up my resume and writing and rewriting cover letters to send out to various job postings. I’ve sat by my computer for hours compulsively checking my email to see whether or not I’ve been accepted (or rejected). The whole process has been emotionally draining and has left me feeling defeated.

Am I not good enough to get an internship? Am I really that undesirable to prospective employers where I can’t even get a “sorry-not-sorry” email?

Honestly, my experience hasn’t even been a rare one. Many people send out countless resumes only to have silence greet them. Sadly, it’s a common occurrence when job/internship hunting. I suppose it’s just frustrating because I’ve spent so much time envisioning myself getting the perfect internship that it’s a slap in the face when reality kicks in.

I’m also pretty sure that my frustration has been growing because of my anxiety revolving around my transfer application. I recently sent in a bunch of supplement materials (portfolio, purpose statement, high school transcripts, ACT Scores, etc.) and now I’m left waiting on the decision. While I’m confident that I’ll get in, it’s still nerve-wracking to be left waiting for a response. Especially, when I start wondering whether or not they’ll give me scholarship money.

However, despite my incessant whining on this post, things aren’t too bad. I’ve got a pretty decent summer job lined up, and most of my friends will be back home for the upcoming months. Not to mention that I’ve still got my ah-mazing list of 18 Things To Do Before 18 that I need to complete. And I’ll be seeing Beyoncé live on June 10th.

So all-in-all, while the internship/job/college search has been frustrating, I just need to keep my chin up and look on the bright side.


4 thoughts on “Why Is Job/Internship Searching So Frustrating?

  1. Yes you definitely need to keep your chin up and remember it’s not always what you know but more so, who you know. Don’t just apply, use your resources and connections to get the internship you want. Someone you know has some sort of connection to that internship of your dreams. Good luck with finals 😙


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