I Want To Go To Cuba

Whenever I tell someone that I want to go Cuba, I’m usually met with incredulous stares followed by a disbelieving “really?” For most people that I talk to, Cuba is associated with some sort of militant state where Americans get kidnapped and held for ransom like in those cheesy action movies. This kind of bias isn’t too unfamiliar to me, many people gave me similar responses when I expressed an urge to go to Dubai. And just like with Dubai, my response to their “really?” is an eye roll accompanied with a “why not?”

And honestly, why wouldn’t someone want to visit Cuba?

Cuba is a beautiful island filled with a blend of different cultures. The roots of Cuban people can be traced back to West Africa, Spain, France, and Asia. Not to mention the beautiful architecture, classic cars, stunning geography, and soulful music. This is a culture that is vibrant and beautiful, and now that the government is lifting the 50 year embargo, it’s a culture that I have the opportunity to experience firsthand.

Justin Solomon | CNBC

However, the culture may soon begin to change. Recently, the Kardashians and Chanel have gone to Cuba. Cruise lines are also starting to add Cuba to their list of islands. With more Americans flocking to the island, many have been asking what affects it will have on the culture.

Many speculate that a bigger American presence means that places like Havana will become more Americanized. Some say that soon there’ll be McDonald’s and other American stores on street corners. There’s concerns that culture will be washed out and replaced (or at least in the bigger cities).

Whether or not you believe the hype about Cuba losing its culture, one thing remains unarguable: Cuba is changing. Just by lifting the embargo, it shows that Cuba, and even the US, is about to undergo a huge change. Personally, I would love to experience Cuba before the change happens, don’t you?


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