Weekend Excursions: A Taste of DC

Gray clouds covered the sky, blocking out any sunlight, and fat drops of rain came plummeting down. The air was chilly, forcing me to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing. It was the perfect type of weather for Taste of DC.

Although spending hours walking around in the rain sounds awful, it actually made the event much more enjoyable. A lot of people opted to stay home instead of wandering in the rain, so we were able to navigate the booths more easily.

Once we went through security, they checked our tickets and gave us our coupon for a drink and an additional coupon that allowed us to get $10 off of a meal from one of four restaurants.

Armed with our coupons, we immediately began checking out booths. Many of the booths were restaurants selling sample items from their menus. But there were also a ton of booths offering free samples of other merchandise. The Giant booth had samples of smokey pumpkin chipotle hummus, salad, and pumpkin cheesecake in addition to a free copies of their magazine, Savory, along with a few recipes. Additionally, there were a few other big name companies who were offering free samples.


The Ford booth featured a photo booth and the ability to win a cash prize (although, the cash prize was only $5).


Appliances A Better Way or ABW had chefs cooking on stage with food you could sample, lollipops, and espressos.


And Southwest offered a GIF maker that allowed you to take three photos and a few of the snacks they serve on the planes. The GIF maker was loads of fun, but I would pass on the airline snacks.

Overall, the experience was great, and it was extremely budget friendly for a bunch of broke college kids. Tickets for general admission were only $20, and there were so many samples that we didn’t feel the urge to spend money on a meal while we were there. There were also so many vegetarian food options. I had such a good time at this event; I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in food or in exploring DC.


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