Happy Halloween from the Field of Screams!

It’s Halloweekend, and I’m standing in a long line with my friends, each of us huddled closely together to stay warm. Occasionally, the excited murmuring of the people around us is halted by the sounds of screams echoing in the distance. I’m practically buzzing with anticipation.

When we get to the front of the line, a woman dressed as a zombie checks our tickets, smiles, then says, “Welcome to the Field of Screams.”

The path we were on took us through the woods and cut through various houses. Each house was elaborately designed with tons of realistic decorations.  The first house was definitely the scariest with doors that slammed open and shut and lights that were constantly flickering. The other houses were slightly less frightening with most having creepy clowns, zombies, and other assorted monsters following you, screaming at you, or even touching you.

At some points, I could barely get myself to keep moving forward. I’m terrified of the dark, and occasionally, I would be in areas so dark that I was literally rooted to the spot in fear. At one of the houses, it was so dark that I couldn’t even see my own hands. I forced another group member to walk in front of me, and then I spent the entire time clinging to the back of their shirt. The house had so many twists and turns that it was a miracle that I didn’t knock my head against anything.

The path also required a lot more maneuvering around various obstacles than I expected. There was a part where had to go down a slide, balance across a rickety bridge, and even crouch down to squeeze through a tiny hallway. Not to mention, we did all this while trying to outrun all the creepy monsters that kept jumping out at us.

Once my group got to the end of the path and the trees around us opened back up into the field where all the fire pits were, I damn near cried. I honestly had to look around multiple times just to make sure that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I was surprised that I made it through the whole thing without having a breakdown. We celebrated with a hug.

While there are other attractions at The Field of Screams, the main attraction are the two paths that take you through the woods. The first trail is cheaper and takes you on a quicker route, whereas the second trail is slightly more expensive but has more houses for you to go through. If you’re in the mood to really be scared, then I would go through the longer path.

Tickets for the trails are more expensive than the other attractions (the trails cost around $30 while the other events are around $15-17), but the trails are the scariest and most exciting attractions. If the cost still has you worried, you can get together a large group of people and purchase group tickets which should lower the price per person. My friends and I went with a huge group, so we only paid about $16.

Next year, I’m eager to try to go to Scream City. It’s a similar setup by the same company that runs out of D.C. Maybe if you’re bold enough, you’ll try it out too.


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