Ice Skating at Georgetown

I’m bundled in at least five layers of clothing, two pairs of socks, and a pair of knit gloves, yet I’m still shivering as I lace up my skates. Once my feet are secure in the skates, I wobble precariously to the rink. Each step is taken cautiously with my friends wobbling alongside me. Ahead of us, a man face plants.

Before we arrived at the ice skating rink, we stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes. For once, the line was a reasonable length so my friends and I decided to stop inside for a quick snack. The cupcake displays are the first thing we see once the line starts moving. They’re filled with endless amounts of cupcakes decorated with festive decorations. They also come with festive flavors such as “Mrs. Claus’s Cocoa” and “Chocolate Eggnog.” I settled for a simple salted caramel cupcake, which tasted absolutely amazing.



Following our quick cupcake detour, our group walked down to the waterfront. The pathway leading to the ice skating rink twinkled with lights and was filled with people bundled up like us. Holiday music filled the air.




Although I could barely ice skate, it was fun being outside, wobbling around the rink, and racing my friends. I even managed to spend the entire time on both of my feet. The price wasn’t expensive either, so it was perfect for a college student’s budget. I can’t wait to go back next year.

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