Weekend Eats: Joy Luck House & B Too

Located deep in Chinatown, Washington, D.C., and alongside a couple of other restaurants is Joy Luck House, a small Chinese restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant is relatively small with only a couple wooden tables and chairs and a lone cash register towards the back of the dining room. Aside from my friends, there were only a couple of other patrons in the tiny restaurant.

Joy Luck House storefront

We only ordered a couple small items from the menu instead of a full entree, so none of us spent more than $5. I ordered the hot & sour soup while my friends ordered a milk bubble tea and a pork dumpling.

I have been to the restaurant before, but only to get a bubble tea or some spring rolls before heading off to another place. It was nice to finally sit down and try some of the food. The service was relatively quick, and the food was nice and warm which was perfect given the below freezing weather.

B Too, located in Logan Circle,Washington, D.C., had a completely different atmosphere. Just from walking inside the restaurant, I knew that a full meal would be out of my college student budget. The lighting was dim, the place was packed, and everyone looked like they were put together enough to have 401Ks and a job that offered a decent salary.

I sat at the downstairs bar a few stools away from a friendly couple who I quickly struck up a conversation with.

My friends and I decided to skip dinner and get straight to our favorite course: dessert. We ordered the Oh-riginal Belgian Waffle, Fried Caramel Apple Waffle, and Chocolate Eden.

The desserts looked amazing and tasted even better. We were picking off of each other plates and managed to stuff ourselves so much that we were in danger of having to be rolled out of the restaurant.

We had started to ask for the check when the couple seated near us leaned over and asked, “How did you guys manage to come all the way out here and not try the Doffle?” On seeing our looks of confusion, they immediately flagged down our waiter and ordered us a Doffle Deluxe.


When the dessert came out, I wanted to cry. It looked beautiful. A scoop of ice cream decorated with drizzles of chocolate syrup and salted caramel, topped with strips of chocolate and sprinkles then placed on top of a donut waffle.

The Doffle Deluxe

Needless to say, I was definitely stuffed after tasting all of those desserts.

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