Atlanta Fun: Topgolf & High Museum of Art

I hold the golf club clumsily in my hands, trying to line it up with the golf ball. I take a deep breath then swing. I miss. On my second attempt, I barely make contact with the ball, and it rolls off of the roof pathetically. My sister cheers.

My week in Atlanta has clearly taught me that my golf skills need work.

For my spring break, I travelled down to Atlanta for a couple days to visit my sister. We spent a day just hanging out around Piedmont Park and playing cards while people walked their dogs around us before heading off to visit some of Atlanta’s attractions.

Chilling in Piedmont Park

Our first stop was the High Museum of Art in Midtown. While we were there, we saw the exhibitions that they had, which are still on view.

The first that we saw was Hale Woodruff’s Murals at Talladega College. The murals were commissioned for Talladega College and depicts scenes from a slave revolt on the Amistad ship.  The murals were bright and detailed with vibrant colors that stood out immediately to my eye.

The second was African Art: Building the Collection that was located in the basement of the building. There were a lot of textiles, masks, pottery, and fertility sculptures.

The last, and my personal favorite, was Daniel Arsham: Hourglass. He had a floor to himself in the bottom level of one of the museum’s buildings. It featured items trapped inside of an hourglass with blue sands falling over them.

He had a second level to himself as well. This level was a completely blue Japanese Zen Garden. It even came complete with its own blue pagoda with a white figure sitting inside.

Also on this level was a completely purple cavern made from painted tennis balls, volleyballs, and basketballs. A couple of the basketballs were glowing giving the entire cavern a really cool ambiance. Of course, I had to take a couple photos.

Amethyst Sports Ball Cavern

After our time at the High Museum of Art, we swung on over to Atlanta Topgolf. I had never been to Topgolf before, so I wasn’t sure to expect. But once we arrived, I could clearly see the appeal.

The interior looked classy with glass tables and sleek blue lights. They even had Topgolf cards that you had to use to book your bay, the little area where you golf from. Out on the driving range, there were a multitude of targets with lights that people can aim at.

Our bay was on the top floor, and despite the chill, it was really comfortable because of the heat lamps that they had. It also had the upscale restaurant/bar kind of vibe, so my sister and I were quick to order some food. I ordered a S’more which was two chocolate chip cookies with a toasted marshmallow in between.


S’mores from Topgolf

My sister gave me a quick rundown on how to swing a golf club, and then I just went for it. While most of balls were pathetic little shots, and a couple went really far. A few of my shots went 180 yards and landed on the second farthest. So maybe I do have a little golf skills.

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