Sushi + Burrito = Buredo

Recently, I’ve been seeing giant sushi rolls all over Snapchat. It feels like a majority of my friends have been traveling into D.C. for the chance to eat a massive sushi roll and burrito hybrid from Buredo. Curious about the hype, I went in to taste one for myself.

Buredo menu

While trying to find the building, I accidentally walked past the storefront three times because it was so small. Once I realized where the store was located, I was shocked to see that there was a sign outside that said “line starts here.” Was the food so good that there would normally be lines out the door?

When I got inside, I decided that the only reason the line would ever be going out of the door was because of the small size of the interior.

The inside of the restaurant was so small that with only a few people inside, the space felt cramped. There was also only one table.

Aside from the small space, it looked really pretty. There’s a cute mural along the left wall, and they have wooden floors and decorations giving it a pretty cute vibe.

Mural on the wall of Buredo
The Buredo line

But it clearly had a hipster vibe to it as well. They sold hipster brands of drinks, including Boxed Water. Their prices also made me a little wary. The average price for the Buredos were around $10-11 before tax, which to a college kid felt a little overpriced.

The drink selection

I ordered the Sophie and my friend ordered the Pai Mei. Watching them make the Buredo was interesting, and it was amazing to hold the giant sushi roll in my hand. It almost looked too good to eat.

The Sophie

The food tasted amazing and the sauces that they used only made it taste all the more delicious. My one problem was that because of how they made my Buredo, I sometimes had to fight through huge bites of carrot. And the sauce was only on one half of the roll.

Overall, the experience was good, but I don’t think that I’m going to be rushing back anytime soon.


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