Atlanta Eats: Hudson Grille & Bass BBQ

If there’s anything that anyone should know about me, it’s that I love to eat. So of course, the minute my plane’s wheels touched down in Atlanta, I was already trying to figure out where I could get some food. Luckily, there is no shortage of good restaurants in Atlanta. Two of my favorites from the trip were Bass BBQ and Hudson Grille.

​​​On our way to visit family, I first stopped by Bass BBQ and Southern Style Cooking, which is a soul food restaurant. Their menu was loaded with everything: fried catfish, fried whiting, fried chicken, barbecue chicken, oxtail, sweet potatoes, macaroni (the good kind), collard greens and so much more.

Always in the mood for something fried, I ordered the fried catfish with macaroni and sweet potatoes.

The food tasted ah-mazing.

Typically, I put hot sauce or ketchup on my fried fish, but the catfish tasted so good that I couldn’t bring myself to add anything else to it. And the sides tasted like something my grandmother could have made.

My meal also came with cornbread, specifically, the old school cornbread. The type of cornbread that looks like a pancake and tastes amazing when you dip it in the juices from your sweet potatoes.

The food was filling, and I easily had enough leftovers for a second meal.

My next day in Atlanta, I went to Hudson Grille, which is located right in downtown Atlanta near Philips Arena and Centennial Olympic Park.

The atmosphere at Hudson Grille felt like a sports bar with class. It had its traditional sports bar dishes like burgers, hot dogs and buffalo wings, but it also had a couple of “hipster-friendly” dishes like turkey avocado paninis and chicken caprese sandwiches.

To start my meal, I had an order of chips and salsa. The chips tasted plain, but the waiter gave me some sea salt, which definitely improved the taste.

Chips and Salsa

For my meal, I ordered from the Big Plates section of the menu: fish tacos with chips and salsa. Since I already had salsa as an appetizer, I subbed it out for a side of queso, and I got the fish on my tacos fried.

Fish Tacos with Chips and Queso

The tacos tasted pretty good, but what made them even more amazing was when I drizzled some of the queso on top of them.

Overall, both meals were great, and the next time I’m in Atlanta, I’ll definitely be going back to those restaurants.

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