Hello From The World of Coke!

The great thing about downtown Atlanta is that there is a plethora of activities and restaurants, and one of the greatest activities is the World of Coke. We walked to the World of Coca Cola from Hudson Grille, which took us through Centennial Park.

While the museum provided tons of information about the origins of Coca Cola and how it became such a well known drink, the best part was getting to see all the Coke paraphernalia. Seeing all the old advertisements, clothes, and vending machines was amazing. It was also cool because you got see how everything has changed over the years.


As an art student, I also appreciated seeing the giant Coke bottles that had been painted over. All the artwork provided the perfect backdrop for taking a couple of pictures.

Artwork at the World of Coca Cola


Another interesting part of the museum was the Vault of the Secret Formula. It was interesting to learn about where the formula for Coke had been stored and to actually see the vault where the formula is currently stored. The museum also has a 4-D ride called “In Search of the Secret Formula” that takes you around the world.

My absolute favorite part of the museum was getting to taste the different flavors of soda from around the world. It was very reminiscent of the taste testing area at Epcot in Disney World. A lot of the sodas came in interesting flavors, such as pineapple. The flavors also came from Latin America, Europe, and other continents.

Even the taste testing room’s decorations were exciting. Overhead was a conveyor belt with the classic glass bottles of cokes. And in a corner near the gift shop was a station specifically for tasting the different flavors of coke – my favorite was vanilla.


Me Posing on the Coca Cola Couch

The museum as a whole isn’t too big, so it doesn’t take too long to explore all of it. But it’s located near the aquarium and other fun things downtown, making it easy to fill the rest of your day up with other activities.

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