Suburban Kid Goes Hiking. Body Sore for Days.

I’m a suburban kid. The closest I’ve been to nature is sitting on a beach with a bag of chips and a bottle of sweet tea. But for some odd reason, I’ve been spending the beginning of summer begging someone to go hiking with me.

Again, I’m a suburban kid.

So most of my friends didn’t take me too seriously when I said I was going hiking. And why should they? My only experience with hiking was walking from my apartment to the not-quite-off-campus Target Express to grab some groceries.

But I was determined to go hiking this summer, and I finally found (okay, I forced) someone to go with me! Enter Chace – the guy who was unfortunate enough to say he would accompany me on a trip out to Potomac, Maryland, so we could explore the Billy Goat Trail.

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Eating My Way Through the Museum of Ice Cream

First and foremost, I need to apologize. I’ve been neglecting this blog for entirely too long. Life got hectic, and classes got intense (shoutout to all those 300 and 400 level classes), and I had to put less time into my writing and more time into my schoolwork.

But now summer is here, and I have more time dedicated to exploring fun things and sharing those explorations with you all! So far I’ve been to my third Pride, gotten a short story published, and had an ah-mazing spring break in Miami with my friends. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then these things aren’t new to you.

One of the most interesting things we did in Miami was spend an evening at the Museum of Ice Cream. It was something that I had been interested in ever since seeing photos of celebrities swimming in a pool of sprinkles. So when we realized there was a Museum of Ice Cream only a few miles away from where we were staying, we quickly bought our tickets.

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A Hidden Gem in DC: Video

This past weekend, I visited Femme Fatale DC‘s Pop Up Shop, which featured products from over 50 women owned businesses. The entire set up which doubled as an art lounge, bar and community space was filled with so many interesting people, products, and art.  The experience was so amazing that I had to share.

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Day Trip to the Daily Show

It was eleven p.m. when my friend called me and asked what she should do with her Daily Show tickets. It was only thirty minutes later that we purchased bus tickets to New York and were calling up people to see if they could come with. A week later on August 3, we woke up at 4 a.m. to catch a bus to New York to see Trevor Noah live.

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