I Want To Go To Cuba

Whenever I tell someone that I want to go Cuba, I’m usually met with incredulous stares followed by a disbelieving “really?” For most people that I talk to, Cuba is associated with some sort of militant state where Americans get kidnapped and held for ransom like in those cheesy action movies. This kind of bias isn’t too unfamiliar to me, many people gave me similar responses when I expressed an urge to go to Dubai. And just like with Dubai, my response to their “really?” is an eye roll accompanied with a “why not?”

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Why Is Job/Internship Searching So Frustrating?

First, let me apologize for my sudden disappearance from this site. School has gotten extremely intense, and with finals approaching, I’ve been dedicating most of my time to studying. And as we come closer to summer, I’ve been scrambling to search for a summer job and/or internship. However, my search has brought nothing but endless frustration. Continue reading “Why Is Job/Internship Searching So Frustrating?”

Cherry Blossom Festival

Whoa! I finally finished something from my list of 18 Things To Do Before 18!

Friday, after my last class, my friends and I headed down to the Cherry Blossom Festival. We got on the train then transferred lines to get off at Smithsonian. From the Smithsonian station we walked down a block to get to the Tidal Basin where the cherry blossoms were.

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